How to Find a Personal Trainer That is Right for You

Need some MOTIVATION to get to work or get back in the gym? Personal training can be a perfect way to build a foundation for a more healthy and active lifestyle. Personal trainers open up a whole new world of great exercise variations and spark excitement over new workout programs. But before signing up or buying a package of workout sessions, you need to make sure the trainer is the perfect fit for your personality and goals

Define Goals

First, pick your goals and determine if you are paired up with the right trainer. Do you want to lose weight, get stronger, become a competitive powerlifter, run your first marathon, or just enjoy exercise and feel better about yourself? These goals will mainly determine the type of personal trainer you are looking for. If somebody is a powerlifting coach, they might not be a great weight loss instructor. Likewise, a competitive marathon runner may not be a good physical recovery trainer.


Next, check references; it is not enough to rely on the reviews posted in a gym or online. Ask potential personal trainers for three previous or current regulars that you can call. Beware of unscrupulous professionals who steal and fabricate before-and-after testimonials and pictures. Aside from ensuring that the testimonial is real, you should try to learn how the trainer conducts his practices. Are they honest and dependable? Call the clients and ask about the trainer’s temperament; select a trainer who fits your personality.

Pricing Rates

If the fitness instructor seems out of your budget, you have several options. Do some comparison to determine average rates in your town. Some personal trainers offer semi-private workouts at lower fees. Remember prices will vary depending on location. You can also ask about discounts for purchasing sessions in bulk.

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Free Session

Before starting any kind of exercise program or paying for any session, the personal trainer should determine your goals, past training history and previous injuries – and set clear expectations for the relationship (how involved they will be outside the gym, how often you meet, etc.). Most trainers offer a free session – either a sample workout or full workout – so clients know what to expect once they sign up. Setting clear expectations from the beginning is important for long-term success.

Matching Goals

For the relationship to work, both the experience of the trainer and your goals should match. An expert fitness trainer should develop a personal training program that fits your pace. A few things to consider include your age, fitness interests, fitness level, and health status. Trainers usually track their methodologies to know if they work in real-time; your instructor should make adjustments along the way to help you reach your goals. So, the more experienced your trainer, the better.

In the end, the right personal trainer for you should be someone who motivates you to get excited about going to work out. If you are not seeing any results or find yourself making excuses to cancel training sessions – after a month or two – into the partnership, you may want to rethink your selection.

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