Things To Know About Podiatrists In Gold Coast


There are different professionals in the medical field. The various professionals usually deal with specific health conditions. They have vast knowledge to deal with health conditions in their line of specialisation. A podiatrist is a health expert who deals with the conditions of the feet. Your feet are critical parts of your body, so you have to ensure that they are in perfect condition at all times. Here are some of the other things you need to know about podiatrists.

When to visit a podiatrist

At one point in your life, you must have experienced some foot pain. Some of the pains are minor, meaning that you do not have to visit a specialist. However, certain situations might require you to visit a podiatrist. If you feel that the pain is persisting, it means there might be some underlying issues that need to be checked by a professional. Besides, if you feel pain, injuries among others, it is critical you visit a podiatrist for further check-ups, diagnosis and treatments.

What qualifications should a podiatrist have?

Like other professionals in the medical field, there are specific qualifications a podiatrist should possess. They need to have completed four years of studies in the medical field and further training at a hospital or any other health facility. They should also have passed reputable board examination and have the right certification in podiatric/ankle and foot surgery.  Another important factor to note is that podiatrists usually specialise in different areas such as pediatrics, diabetic care, sports medicine and others.  Depending on the training, hospital credentials and certifications your podiatrist might also carry out ankle and foot surgery. Most of the common surgical processes they undertake include flat foot correction, fracture repairs, hammertoe repair, tendon repairs and other areas.

Reasons to visit a podiatrist

There are some ankle and foot conditions that heal fast. You can deal with some of these issues by performing simple home remedies such as elevation, icing, rest or by taking over the counter medication. In case such methods do not offer the right solution, it is time to visit your podiatrist. If you are the kind of a person, who takes part in vigorous activities such as tennis, soccer, ballet dancing and running the expertise of a podiatrist will be of great help. They can help by treating injuries that might occur including tendinitis, sprains, plantar fasciitis and fractures.  In case you recognise increased warmth, change in your feet, toenails and skin appearance, you need to visit Absolute Foot Care immediately.

Conditions a podiatrist treats

There are different feet conditions that require you to visit your podiatrist. Some of these conditions include heel spurs, arthritis, shin splints, ingrown toenails, broken bones, swelling, bunions, sores, wounds, warts gout, vein problems, skin irritation, neuropathy, joint and muscle problems. In the field of podiatry, you will find experts specialising in treating these conditions. Always look for a podiatrist specialising in the specific areas you have a problem to get the right diagnosis and treatment.